8 New Interior Decoration Style Trends for This 2019

New Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019What are the latest trends in design and interior decoration for this 2019? In New Decor Trends we have it very clear; we bet on simplicity and the natural. Because the authentic is the new luxury!

The space in which we live is a true reflection of our personality. It reveals our feelings, the way in which we understand life and it does not stop being “a veiled declaration of intentions”.

Whether it’s a photo, a chair or a rug, everything around you has a reason.

All the objects we have chosen, the intensity of the light, the color of the walls, even the smallest details of the kitchen, speak of our history and who we are and reveal who lives in that place.

New Trends for Design and interior decoration in 2019New Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

I show you eight styles, eight ways to understand the decoration, eight new trends, so you can find the one that best suits you and above all, the one that makes you feel better:

  1. Nordic style
  2. Minimalist decoration
  3. Industrial style decoration
  4. Ethnic decoration or boho chic
  5. Japandi
  6. Decoration wabi sabi
  7. Mediterranean decoration
  8. African decoration

Which one do I stay with?

With all and none.

So try and choose only what makes you feel good and gives you the balance you need.

Remember that everything around you influences your thoughts and your mood very powerfully.

Only good vibes!

Nordic Style DecorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

We will start with what is surely the style of decoration that most adepts have won in recent years, the Nordic decoration.

Emerged in the 1950s in the Scandinavian countries, it is a style of decoration that is strongly influenced by the harsh climatic conditions to which they are exposed in these latitudes.

Due to the cold and the need to spend so much time inside the houses, this type of decoration seeks above all:

  • Create spaces as comfortable as possible.
  • Maximize the amount of natural light available.

To achieve these two goals, the Scandinavian decoration uses these elements to decorate its interiors:

White and neutral colorsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The white color is used in walls, ceilings and floors in order to reflect natural light and provide the luminosity that Scandinavian countries lack. Remember that in winter, they only have seven hours of daylight.

In this house, which belongs to the stylist and interior decorator Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen, white is the undisputed protagonist.

Another added advantage is that the white color contributes to create more diaphanous and wide spaces.

Warm textiles to decorateNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Warm fabrics such as furs, wool and linen are extensively used in Nordic homes to provide warmth and comfort. Everything very cozy!

For example, in this beautiful house located in Gothenburg, Sweden, which belongs to Christian and Björn, the founders of the Artillert interior design shop, have used linen, wool and a beautiful Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug, to add layers of comfortable and warm textures.

The wood in Scandinavian interiorsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Along with the white color, and due to the ease of finding it in its extensive forests, wood is one of the indisputable protagonists in Scandinavian interiors.

In addition to being an autochthonous material and found in abundance, wood is an excellent thermal insulator, so it provides warmth and saves a lot in heating.

If it is not painted white, the color of the wood is usually light tones, which is the color provided by the trees of the Scandinavian countries; like pine, oak, maple and beech.

In this house, for example, which was built in the 50s, and has been designed and restored by David and Susan Scott, the marriage behind Scott & Scott Architects, the wood was washed with bleach to provide spaces as bright as possible.

Functionality in Nordic style furnitureNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The Scandinavian furniture are characterized by the simplicity of its forms and especially for its functionality.

The Nordics, being such a practical town, create furniture with a lot of storage capacity. This can be seen very well in the classic Scandinavian wooden cabins, which due to their small size, are forced to optimize the maximum space available.

Out of disorder and amplitude of spacesNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

When spending so much time at home, it is essential to keep spaces well organized and visually relaxing.

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This is very evident in the Nordic kitchens, a clear example of form and functionality.

We also try to take advantage of the space in the best way possible, and whenever possible, eliminate all the walls that are not strictly necessary, and thus, we also gain in luminosity.

Are you also going to succumb to Scandinavian decoration?

Minimalist style decorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Strongly paired with the Nordic decoration, the minimalist style, is another of the “winners” in the design and interior decoration.

We can summarize the underlying philosophy behind the minimalist interiors in:

  • Simplify

Less is moreNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The minimalist decoration, as its name indicates, is characterized by the pretension to simplify to the maximum and leave aside all those elements that are not essential.

This does not mean that minimalist interiors have to be boring, far from it. For this, you can play with different textures to decorate:

  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Clay

For example, in this house awarded with numerous prizes in Sydney, Australia; the wood, the marble, the linen blinds, the silk carpets and the furniture, have broken with the monotony of minimalism and have added a plus of elegance and warmth.

Space in the minimalist housesNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The feeling of space is a very important element in minimalism. Make sure objects have room to breathe.

A clear example of this is the old house of Calvin Klein in Miami Beach. Decorated by the famous Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoodt, the mansion is a true reflection of the simplicity of the artist’s own designs.

Open spaces and diaphanous, but that nevertheless, distill warmth and beauty.

The order in the design of minimalist interiorsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The sense of order is another characteristic of minimalist decoration. Clean and clean all surfaces of unnecessary clutter. Your health will thank you!

Do you dare to let go of the superfluous and embrace minimalism?

Industrial style decorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Yes, I know, industrial decoration has little natural. But a touch here and another there, always gives a roll and brings elegance to any interior.

Predominantly masculine, it is a style that emerged in New York during the 50s, when young artists began to settle in large and spacious factories abandoned in search of space and light.

Over time, the style evolved and matured in what we now know as lofts.

Broadly speaking, we can summarize this type of decoration with two main characteristics:

  • Structural elements in view
  • Vintage furniture

Structural elements in viewNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The decoration of industrial style is characterized by not masking or hiding the building materials and not being afraid to show their naked structures:

  • Untreated wooden beams
  • View brick walls
  • Iron and concrete exposed
  • Naked windows
  • Pipes and metal conduits

Vintage furniture in industrial style interiorsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

On the other hand, the reuse is key in the industrial decoration, for what the furniture, are generally rescued in flea markets of second hand.

A clear example of this, is this impressive apartment located in Berlin with industrial accents and decorated by the renowned interior designer, Annabell Kutucu.

The worn out leather and vintage pieces were carefully selected in flea markets.

In the bedroom, some “boutique” shelves serve as an open cupboard.

There is no doubt that the industrial style decoration will continue to be one of the great trends of this 2019.

Do you dare to give an industrial accent to your home?

Ethnic decoration or boho chic decor trendsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

One of the styles that is gaining strength in recent times is the combination of natural elements, ethnic details and bohemian accents.

Proof of this are the “boutique hotels” with the most roll of the planet, that with a mixture of natural materials, Mediterranean style and ethnic echoes, make us sigh every time we see them in their instagram accounts or in the decoration magazines.

Stylish boutique hotelsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The Mykonos Scorpios, located on the Greek island of Mykonos, is surely one of the most chic hotels in the whole Mediterranean.

In the interiors, natural elements such as wood and wicker merge with the earth tones of the building.

Also, in the paradisiacal island of Mykonos, is the San Giorgio Hotel. With a marked Mediterranean style and Moroccan accents, it is an elegant, simple hotel, and above all, very authentic. The perfect place to miss a few days.

Casa Cook, in Rhodes, combines bohemian echoes with traditional Greek architecture and the minimalism of modern design.

And from the same house, but on the island of Kos, another spectacular “boutique hotel” for bohemian-spirited travelers, Casa Cook Kos.

Crossing the Atlantic, in Tulum, Mexico, the new paradise for nomads and gypsyjets from all over the world, is the Be Tulum hotel. The aesthetics of its suites embrace ethnic elements, and some of them are simply spectacular.

Also in Tulum, is this wonderful house for rent decorated by Annabell Kutucu.

And very close, on the island of Holbox, this Impala House, another house for rent.

That they share all these spectacular interiors; the love for natural materials and the ethnic details.

Natural materials to decorate

Rattan and wicker furnitureNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Thanks to its naturalness and elegance, rattan and wicker furniture have become a must havein interior decoration.

Wicker basketsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

And not just the furniture; the baskets, baskets and wicker baskets have also become an object of desire.

What we previously used only to organize and organize the bathroom, now we make it serve to dress the interiors and add a touch of warmth and naturalness.

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Decoration with wooden trunks and dry branchesNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Reserved at first for the most cools and bohemian shops, the decoration with wood trunks and dry branches, is another way to get inspired by nature and add personality to your home.

Natural texturesNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The Belgian interior designer and architect Peter Ivens, creates a surprising mix of natural textures and furniture of Scandinavian design, in this house that exudes peace and harmony.

Simplicity and authenticityNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Once again, Annabell Kutucu, shows us her good work in this house in Ibiza that captivates for its extreme simplicity. Stone walls, travertine marble floors and wooden beams, for a house that invites peace and tranquility.

Ethnic details in the decoration

Ethnic elements, whether Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets, Central Asian kilims, Indian wood furniture or handira blankets, have conquered the interiors of the West.

Beni Ouarain CarpetsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

To this day, it is very difficult to browse a decoration magazine and not run into a Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug. Thanks to its cryptic designs and its exuberant beauty, they have seduced interior designers from all over the world.

Danielle de Lange, head of the blog The Style Files, has used one to dress the floor of her home in Amsterdam.

Handira blanketsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Another must have are the beautiful handiras blankets of the Berber brides. With their hundreds of mirrors and sequins, they have also become an object of desire. And it does not surprise me!

Ethnic cushionsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Be it the batiks and ikats of Indonesia, the kuba of Central Africa, the bogolan of Mali or the colorful and ornate cushions of India, the covers with ethnic prints are a good way to add color and personality to our house.

Carol Garland, director of communications at Zadig et Voltaire, has used a Beni Ouarain rug and cushions with Navajo covers to dress the living room of her holiday home on the island of Corsica.

Wooden furniture from IndiaNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

To this day, you can still find in India, authentic marvels carved by hand with traditional tools.

JapandiNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

A recent arrival is the japandi style, a hybrid between Japanese decoration and Scandinavian decoration. In fact, the interior designers already refer to this past 2018, as the year of the japandi.

Its main characteristics:

  • The peace and harmony of Japanese decoration
  • The warmth of Scandinavian decoration

Minimalist interiorsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

A common feature between Japanese and Nordic decoration is minimalism and emphasis on functionality.

The japandi is devoid of superfluous luxuries; Maybe a plant on a table, a few pieces of pottery on the walls and little else.

Plants and natural materialsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The japandi decoration uses natural elements as aesthetic accents:

  • Plants
  • Bamboo
  • Rattan
  • Ceramics

Do you join the japandi?

Wabi sabi DecorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi is based on the idea of finding beauty in imperfection. Cracks and crevices in objects and all other marks that time, weather and use leave behind are celebrated.

Your signs of identity:

  • Peeling paint
  • Worn plaster walls
  • Muted colors
  • Rusted elements
  • Frayed textiles
  • Asperities
  • Simplicity
  • Low light

Axel VervoordtNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

Surely it is the renowned interior designer Axel Vervoordt, who has done most to introduce the aesthetics of wabi sabi in the West.

An example of this is the Greenwich Hotel Tribeca Penthouse, a hotel opened in 2014 and owned by Robert de Niro, where Axel captured all his concepts on wabi sabi to decorate the interiors.

We can also find wabi sabi accents in the design of La Granja Ibiza, a small 9-room hotel in the heart of the island.

The Ibiza Farm

You dare to celebrate the aspera beauty of wabi sabi!

Mediterranean style decorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

We are fortunate to have been born in the Mediterranean, embraced by its rugged beauty, its villages dotted with white houses, its fields of olive trees, almond and fig trees and its beautiful views of the sea.

Furthermore, as if this were not enough, we have been blessed with its dry and hot summers, and its benevolent incense, and this is reflected in our way of thinking, eating, drinking… and decorating.

Stone, lime and wood in Mediterranean housesNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The characteristic architectural elements of the Mediterranean:

  • stone
  • whitewashed walls
  • wooden beams
  • tiles
  • arches and vaults

They are the perfect canvas for the rest of the materials that will be part of the decoration.

In Ibiza, and very close to the town of San Antonio, stands this old house of pages of 150 years old that was restored by its owners, the carpet designer Nani Marquina, and the photographer, Albert Font.

This simple, but beautiful house, is located on the wonderful island of Formentera. Whitewashed walls, wooden beams, rattan and natural textures such as linen and cotton, for a house that invites peace and tranquility.

Located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, Villa Sant Font has everything you can expect from a classic Mallorca villa; whitewashed facades, natural stone, wooden beams and elegant Ibizan style details.

This old traditional fisherman’s house is located in the historic town of Koroni, south of Greece. Baskets, bread boxes and mats, for a sober, but elegant decoration.

Emerging from a rocky and volcanic landscape, stands Melanopetra, a fantastic villa with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The house combines modern minimalist design with the traditional aesthetics of local Greek architecture.

As in all the typical rural houses of the Pitiusas, for the construction of this house, the natural resources available on the island have been used: wooden beams of juniper and carob tree for the roof and stones coated with lime for the walls.

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The interior stands out for the simplicity of its shapes and the use of natural materials: jute rugs, fabrics, dry branches, wooden furniture, wicker baskets… Simple but beautiful.

To the north of the island of Ibiza and surrounded by almond and olive trees is this 400-year-old house. The owners, a couple from New York, barely touched the interiors, respecting the whitewashed stone walls and preserving the old wooden beams of the roof.

This beautiful summer house is located on the Greek island of Tinos and belongs to the Greek interior designer Marilyn Katsaris. Devoid of all artifice, the decoration is very sober, with the intention of highlighting the architecture.

The renowned interior designer, Annabell Kutucu, has been responsible for this beautiful house in Ibiza, which captivates for its extreme simplicity. With African accents, the decoration is based on earth tones that are combined with natural textures; linen, bamboo, wood, wicker and rattan.

Among olive and almond trees, this old rural house in Mallorca, also decorated with African details.

The decorator Luis Galliussi, has built his private paradise on the ruins of an old farmhouse, Can Kaki, on the magical island of Ibiza.

The decoration is quite eclectic, rags that make at the same time of quilts, trunks and stones, ethnic rugs, seventies lamps, Acapulco chairs, and countless memories and objects that have been accumulating throughout their travels.

African decorationNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

And last but not least, the African decoration. And Africa is in fashion!

Inspiration in natureNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The African decoration is inspired by its exotic and wild landscapes; natural materials, earth colors, animal prints, all combined with dark wood furniture such as ebony.

African craftsNew Interior Decoration Styles Trends 2019

The artistic and spiritual nature of African peoples is reflected in all kinds of objects and decorative items full of strength and personality:

  • Tribal masks
  • Juju hats
  • Drums
  • Stools
  • Baskets of bright colors
  • Shields
  • Spears
  • Wood carvings

This house in Mallorca has been restored with winks and African details, such as the chair and the stool, the Bamileke table, the Kuba cushions and the zebra rug (I hope it is imitation).

French interior designer, designer and journalist Marie-Paule Pelle has dressed an area of her house in Lamu, Kenya, with old tribal masks from Tanzania and Zaire and a small Swahili ceremonial throne.

To decorate this apartment, they have used all the most characteristic features of African decoration; earth colors, dark furniture, natural elements such as feathers and ceramics, carpets with animal prints and a large black and white picture of the king of the jungle (with permission of the queen).

Do you let yourself be seduced by the strength and beauty of African decoration?

Have you found the interior decoration styles that best suit you?

I hope these ideas have been useful!

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