New Decoration Trends 2019-2020: What’s Coming

New Decoration Trends 2019-2020We are going to know the decor trends 2019-2020 so you do not miss out on what is to come.

The trends of 2019 are burning and so they tell us from Pinterest. There they follow carefully which are the most wanted and marked pins to tell us what trends are rising for 2019 and 2020.

And today we’re going to show you which are those ideas that are becoming essential for the coming months. Some of us have been seeing them as gold or plants for some time, but others are newer than black kitchens.

Whatever it is today we are going to give you a review so you are up to date with all of them. Do not lose sight of them and start dressing your home with them, before anyone else. Sure you hit!

1. LagomNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The Swedish concept that comes to replace the Danish Hygge. If you still do not know it, it’s time to put yourself into it because it’s going to be a great war in 2019. The balance for your home, neither too much nor too little, the middle point and perfect for everything. Also for your home.

2. The texture mixtureNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Take some time with us and we will tell you from last year or before… the mixture of textures devastates social networks. But also in Fairs as we could check in Milan. Bet on mixing them on your sofa or bedding and you’ll be sure.

Blend wool, leather, cotton… and the fringes that come hard in spring to decorate your home. Alone or combined they will help you to get more current environments. And we already tell you that the floors are also combined to get effects as beautiful as these, we love it!

3. Less wallsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

It follows with force the tendency to throw the walls down and create open and diaphanous spaces. Especially in the kitchen area it is preferred open to the dining room and sharing spaces. When you choose to divide you look for more diaphanous elements such as glass doors.

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4. The bathtubsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The baths are again the object of desire for a large majority. And we love spa-like bathrooms, where you can relax after a long day. Nothing like a long bath with our favorite book to reconcile with the world. With toilets, the difficult thing will be to get out of them…

5. CementNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

We already talked about microcement not long ago as a leading trend in 2019. And Pinterest confirms it. Whether it’s cement tiles or concrete floors, it’s clear that you like it a lot. And that is a solution that every day is used more for all kinds of spaces. In addition to having very little maintenance and high resistance Apúntala!

6. Open cabinetsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

We have already dedicated an article to him some time ago and it seems that it is a trend that continues to rise. It will be because of the lack of space or because we like to see what there is. But if you are thinking about setting up your own open closet you will now find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Ideas as beautiful as these that will help you to have the dream cabinet even if you have a minimum space.

7. Recycle and reuseNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Recycling is no longer just a trend but a way of life. If you join the creativity of the millions of DIY that we can find on the net you will get a unique and very special piece of furniture. And all furniture and objects are full of possibilities if we know how to see them. Bet on unique furniture!

If you like recycling and DIY do not miss our ideas section to do your own, you will love it!

8. In kitchens the black comes backNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

So much for the furniture as for the surfaces of work and the sinks that now also stain of this color. A combination that will certainly not go unnoticed. The black door cabinets in different finishes are combined with natural stone countertops also in black.

And so as not to break the monochrome, the appliances are also chosen in the same color. And even the sinks. In contrast, white and wood are chosen for walls and floors. The result is spectacular!

9. Geometry continues to riseNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

I talked about her in the post about CasaDecor 2019 and that geometry continues to devastate. Whether in the form of all kinds of geometric tiles that have come to decorate floors and walls of our home.

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You can also include it in your home on the tables with metal structures like the ones we have been watching for some time. Or the shelves or metal lamps that we are seeing so much. It seems that the geometry is here to stay.

10. A touch of freshnessNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Because our homes also need a touch of freshness, the plants have become essential. Whether in the form of natural plants that frame magic corners or on paper or decorative sheets. Any option is good to include them in your decoration. Although from Dicoro we always recommend having some natural plants. Since they bring many benefits to your home.

But if you are not caring for plants, you can also use some nice tropical-style paper. Now you can find many with fantastic designs. Or if you prefer the naturalistic point you can opt for pictures to frame. All the options are valid to include nature at home!

11. Inspired by the skyNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The sconces and lamps are inspired by the sky to give a magical air to any space. Lamps like the ones we show you below that can turn any wall into a focus of interest. Do not lose sight of them!

12. The golden kingdomNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Because the gold is the king of the accessories and also of everything that you leave. From kitchens that are dressed in gold to all the accessories, faucets, handles… the gold is in full swing and we will continue to see much during 2019 and also in 2020.

So if you have not included it in your decoration, you can already go with some golden detail. For example, you can start with a lamp or a small accessory that adds a golden touch to your kitchen or living room. Success sure!

Many interesting ideas that we are looking forward to seeing in practice. And which one do you prefer? Have you already included any in your decoration? This year it is difficult to choose because we like many but surely we find space for some golden detail or another plant at home. Tell us what your favorites are and if you are looking for more inspiration, do not forget to visit my Pinterest page. Happy week.

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